Infiltration attack for more than ten years, due to age, physical reasons, I feel that I am about to exit the first-line penetration attack. I plan to write out the textbooks I have learned in my life. Because the article involves sensitive attack behavior, so many need to mosaic, or local manifestation in the form of demo. When the industry has been around for a long time, you will one day discover that the essence of the original things is so important. For example, the essence of intranet penetration is information gathering. At that time, a big man passed this experience to me. Similarly, I am an old guy today, and I hope to pass on this experience.

There must be a clerical error or something wrong in the text. Please bear with me and say sorry to everyone in advance. All courses start from the basics (including the introduction of tools, applications, etc., since it is the foundation, some of the content may involve primary knowledge points, Please forgive me, so that new colleagues or colleagues who want to learn from scratch can avoid some detours. In the process of writing, I deeply understand that the sharer is the biggest beneficiary in learning. Article, so you need to consult a lot of information. Throughout the process, I learned a lot of knowledge points. Serialization includes notes on projects that are interspersed at work, including but not limited to code auditing, web penetration, intranet penetration, domain penetration, tunnel introduction, log traceability, and violent traceability. If you have a course specifying a colleague who needs to introduce the relevant technology (within my technical ability), please send me an email: I have been writing <PHP Security News 8:00 am between 2010 and 2012, but I was not writing because of the work at the time. All the courses in this time are copyright-free, and I only hope that I can still make some technical documents output in the technical atmosphere that is already closed. So this tutorial I still want to call <PHP security news 8 o'clock>, I believe that one day, you will find that the original essence of things is so interesting.

If you need to specify a technical appeal, please leave a message below to facilitate the addition of the class in the future update. Thanks again to all readers.

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Penetration test/APT simulation attack is a double-edged sword. The Micro8 series is suitable for junior and intermediate security practitioners, Party B security testing, Party A security self-test, network security enthusiasts, etc., enterprise security protection and improvement, the series complies with: Free, free, shared, open source. Do not break the law, such as the offense is not related to the author. When downloading/transmitting/learning, etc., it is deemed to be in agreement with the regulations. I hope that the readers will learn something, ask for income, think quietly, and be private.

Since open submissions are supported (supporting everyone to contribute to the series), third-party submissions such as advertising/hidden advertising/small circles/all other charges are not allowed.

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